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Gray Memorial United Methodist Church

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Youth Activities

Our youth activities promote our values and help build lifelong friendships.

United Methodist Student Movement
A New Generation Of Christian Leaders. Click here to go there.

Developing and promoting youth activities is an important part of our church. Here we will discuss what we are doing to assist in the growth of our youth.

The church offers several activities for our younger members. Some of the more popular activities are: 

*  United Methodist Youth Fellowship 
* Sunday School

Camp Mechuwana
An Inspirational Place For Young Folk. Click here to go there.

Friendships Started At Church Are Golden
Click Here For A Golden Friendship Experience!

Don't forget about Sunday School at 8:45 AM each week!

Gray Memorial United Methodist Sunday School
How many people can you identify in this photo? I'll treat the winner to a free cup of coffee!

We are looking forward to meeting your kids at ..
This Sunday at 8:45 am.

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