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Gray Memorial United Methodist Church

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Our History

Here we will tell the story of the beginnings of our church and how we became what we are today.

Gray Memorial United Methodist Church
Is Registered As A National Historic Site

One of The Beautiful Stained Glass Windows
Gray Memorial United Methodist Church

Gray Memorial United Methodist Church Namesake
Bessie Gray

1887 View of Methodist Episcopal Church
Caribou, Maine

First Minister
Rev. James Gray

Gray Memorial United Methodist Church
View From The "Other" Side

In 1910 Rev. J.H. Gray was appointed to the church and in 1911 it was decided to build a new buildfing. Evangelistic meetings had be held in the opera house as no church in town was large enough to accomodate the great congregation. The Sunday School  and other branches of the church work had outgrown the old church. So on Oct. 2nd., 1911, the Official Board voted to buy a lot on the corner of Sweden and Prospect street and planned for the construction of the new church.
The first service was held on May 4th., 1913. The tower bell was made possible from the generous donations of W. A Long and the clock by L.J. Pendell.
So by the loving sacrifice of the people who gave and are giving of prayers, work and money, the building of this splended church was made possible.
The Gray Memorial United  Methodist Church was dedicated by Bishop J. Hamilton on November 15th., 1913. At that time memebrship numbered over 300.
Further improvements were made on th Church during 1946 when a divided Chacel was installed, together with Choir stalls, a new Altar Rail, Pulpit and Lectern. Rev. Philip Lush was Pastor at this time. In 1955 a new lighting system was installed in the Church and the pipe organ was overhauled. Just prior to this a new garage was built at the end of the Parsonage while Rev. Victor Musk was the minister. Rev. George Budd came to this parsonage in 1956 and in 1961 a Sprinkler Sysrtem was installed. In 1962 and 1963 considerable repairs were made to the Church and Parsonage. Memebership was then 600.
After several more ministers served, the Reverend  Lynne Josselyn who came to the Church in1992,  then retired in 2005 and Rev. Anna Beach is now the current minister.
 With each challenge we have encountered, we became stronger in our faith. We may provide links to other sites that provide more detail on our church history or particular events in our past.

We invite you to become a part of the church today and a piece of its history tomorrow.
This is to certify that the Gray Memorial United Methodist Church and Parsonage has been reviewed by the Maine Historical Preservation Commission and by the Department of the Interior in Washington, DC and under the provisions the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 has been entered upon the National Register of Historic Places on June 20, 1995.
It is further certified that by inclusion in the National Register, the above named is recognized as a part of the Historical and Cultural Heritage of our Nation and should be preserved as a living part of our community life and developments in order to give a sense of inspiration to the American  people.
Signed by,
Earle Felsworth
State Historic Preservation Officer   

Here We will Be Showcasing The Ministers Over The Years. Can You Identify Them?

Can You Name The First Seven Ministers
Gray Memorial United Methodist Church

First Seven Ministers
James Gray 1910-1915, Arthur Carter,1915, No Photo Available, Issac Lindstone, 1915-1917, Robert Josselyn. 1917-1920, Henry Marr, 1920-1925, Chas. Kinney, 1925-1930, Herb Aldrich,1930-1935

Here are the next three
Frank Hall,1935-1937, David Hickland 1937-1941, Philip Lush, 1941-1947

The Next Four Ministers
VIctor Musk,1947-1956,George Budd,1956-1964.Dan Harland,1964-1967,Richard Hamilton,1967-1973

The Next Three Were
Richard Chamberland,1973-1976, Everett Wiswell,1976-1984, Walter Webb,1984-1989

And The Last Three
Maurice Nason, 1989-1992, Richard Heffin, 1987 & 1992, Lynne Josselyn,1992-2005

Now That You've Met All The Previous Ministers, Why Don't You Come And Share a Sunday Service, And Some Good Old Fashion Gray Memorial Fellowship With  Us And Our Present Minister,  Rev. Anna Beach. 

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